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Suspensions on may-offer!

2017-05-12 14:25:34 by
Until may 31st, all Eibach products are on a 10% discount!

Height is now not a price issues, as offroad capabilities are easily removed with Eibach springs, or if you're after adjustability, with D2 coilovers.

All Eibach products are on a 10% discount until may 31st, and D2 kits now are decently priced in any case. All the kits we sell are street legal.

Orders over 400€ are hsipped free of charge in the Eu by the way.

Eibach products
Eibach B12 kits combine Eibach springs with Bilstein B8 absorbers.
»» Eibach B12 Pro-Kit suspension kits
»» Eibach B12 Sportline suspension kits

Springs are available in four flavours: two oing down and two lifting a car upwards.
»» Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs
»» Eibach Sportline lowering springs
»» Eibach Pro-Lift cargo lifting springs
»» Eibach Cargo lifting / heavyweight springs

For wheels, Eibach has Spacers and quite a lot of fastening hardware.
»» Eibach Pro-Spacer spacers
»» Eibach wheel studs
»» Eibach wheel bolts
»» Eibach wheel nuts

For tuning coilovers, ERS springs are the way to with an unbelievable selection.
»» Eibach ERS coilover springs

Swaybars control roll while maintaining stoftness in the suspension.
»» Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit antiroll bars

For tuning new cars with electronically adjustable suspension, Eibach came up with the Pro-Tronic kits.
»» Eibach Pro-Tronic electronic suspension controllers

For adjustability - coilovers of course.
»» Eibach Pro-Street-S coilovers


First things first. Coilovers.
»» D2 coilover suspension kits

For a comfy & low ride got with an air kit.
»» D2 air suspension kits

Coilover springs, helper springs as well as adjustable endlinks and control arms.
»» D2 adjustable endlinks
»» D2 adjustable control arms
»» D2 coilover springs
»» D2 coilover helper springs

A flexible damping adjustment nut makes life a lot easier.
»» D2 flexible damping adjustment key

To guarantee stopping, D2 brake kits are available up to diameters over 400mm, where obviously the 330 and 356mm kits are the most popular ones.
»» D2 front brake kits
»» D2 rear brake kits
»» D2 big brake kit brake pads

Additionally we have KW, H&R, Weitec, Cusco and Bilstein coilovers. Lowering springs are also available from KW, H&R and Weitec. Suspension kits from Bilstein, H&R and Weitec as well. Chek these out =)

What tells us apart from other shops is that we also sell those near-to-0-margin parts also known as spare parts for these kits. Spare parts to all our brands are available from our sales, assuming they are still manufactured.

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Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Wille