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D2 air suspension kits -100 € 31.3. - 7.3.2017

2017-03-31 14:45:23 by
Low 'n comfy best describes air suspensions, so lets put some more low and comfortable cars on the road with this promo!

D2 air suspension kits are made with the same quality parts as D2 coilovers with the expection of replacing the spring with an air bag. All air suspension kits are bolt-on and allow basic height adjustment with the lower mount. McPherson models also have a camber adjustable top mount just like D2 coilovers.

There are four different D2 kits: Basic, Deluxe, Superpro and Gold.

All kits come with complete struts & bags, compressor and tank as well as adjustment panels.

Kit differences are explained on our site more thoroughly, but here you are with the basics:
Basic kits are manually adjustable no-hassle kits.
Deluxen comes with a 2-circuit solenoid adjustment.
Superpron comes with a 4-circuit / 4-wheel independent electronic adjustment.
Goldin comes with automatic leveling.

All kits are shipped free of charge to most of EU and you can pay by paypal, credit cards and SEPA bank transfers.

Comfy isnt expensive anymore, check out the kits here
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