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D2 big brake kits -100 € on weekly!

2017-03-24 09:57:06 by
Stopping is guaranteed when a D2 big brake kits is bolted on your car!

D2 big brake kits are model specific bolt-on products, and are available from compact 286 mm / 15" rim kits to huge over 400 mm discs. The most popular and smart kits are the 304, 330 and 356 mm kits which respectively fit 16, 17 and 18" wheels.

Weekly offer prices start from 1009,00 € for front kits, and 1248,00 € for rear kits. These are also shipped free of course!

The kits include discs, pads, calipers, brake lines and caliper adapters along with fitting bolts. Rear brake kits have a detail on the list about the hand brake. Most models have either a drum, caliper or electrical handbrake solution.

Order your own kits here:
»» Race.Fi: D2 front big brake kits.
»» Race.Fi: D2 rear big brake kits.

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