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A suspension is more than just coilovers or springs!

2017-03-23 11:46:50 by
When doing a suspension upgrade, it's best to do it proper the first time!

When changing to coilovers, a suspension kit or lowering springs, it's usually very smart to change the endlinks and one or more bushes at the same time. Especially front lower control arms benefit tremendously from Powerflex bushes as they will sharpen steering considerably.

Endlinks are usually also a smart target to change, as they often wear out quickly when their "position for the last 5 years" suddenly changes as a result of a suspension upgrade. In the bigger picture, it's not only handier, but also cheaper to change them at the same time.

A topic about what is available for the suspension was written a while ago, and now more than ever is it a very hot topic. Take a look at what is available, and if you dont know or find what you need, then just ask our sales for a little assistance.

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