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Weekly promo: NGK and Brisk plugs -10 %

2017-02-17 15:02:41 by
Misfires and backfires are easily cured with some quality spark plugs. NGK and Brisk plugs are on a -10 % promo 17. - 24.2.2017.

Briskin plugs are available as iridium, lgs triple tip, turbo and silver models.
Iridiums are ideal for turbo engines, lgs for direct ignition stock boost engines and silver or turbo for demanding applications like E85 or very high boost levels.

NGK plugs are also avilable as Iridium models for some selected, mainly jap applications as they are "the only working plug" on some applications.

Both plug brands are on promo -10 % for the next seven days:
»» Race: Spark plugs.

9,90 € shipping and card payments in the wehshop
Our webshop now has 9,90 € shipping for Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania and Latvia. Several other European countries now have a flat rate from 9,90 to 16,90 € including tax.

Credit card payments are now also accepted via paytrail. Mastercard, Visa, Amex and Visa Electron all work for a hassle-free and safe checkout!

Other news this week

A lot of KW and H&R suspensions were added to our webshop this week. Check out what we listed here:

»» KW and H&R kits added to the shop

Lots of PLX gauges came into stock. We also have all the Vems and Innovate models in stock.

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