Innovate DLG-1 widebands in stock


Innovaten DLG-1 dual widebands came into stock as it was recently added to the range.

The product in short is a wideband gauge with two sensors and controllers, so it is great for V-engines and other two-pipe solutions. Packing also quite thorough, as in addition to the natural gauge-harness-sensor -things, the kit also includes an exchangeable gauge face as well as weldable lambda bungs.

Kit price is 449,00 € so this is actually a pretty cheap alternative to having two separate gauges. It also prevents dash clutter unless the idea is to mimic an airplane cockpit. Innovate DLG-1 uses the newer Bosch 4.9 sensors as well.

Innovate DLG-1 is found here:
»» Innovate DLG-1 dual wideband 449,00 €

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