January's final weekie: Sachs SRE cluches -10 %


The SRE catalogs just got an update on monday, so they are a natural candidate for the weekie as well.

Our clutch sales #1 is Sachs SRE. Covers and discs are also available separately so a complete kit is not always the only way if you already have a disc or cover you want to use. Custom transmission - flywheels combinations are also easy to solve when parts are available separately.

Discs specs as well as cover torque ratings are available on the product page.

Orders over 400 € are shipped free of charge to the EU, so a kit practically always shipped for free.
Smallers orders are shipped at 9,90 €to most close-by countries.

We also carry and stock the Sachs SRE 763, 765, 707, 785 and 645 covers at special rates as they are very common on some single mass conversion kits and other performance upgrades.

»» Sachs SRE clutches.

Other topics this week

We got a 200 kg load of our dump valves, filter relocation kits, oil coolers, fuel pressure regulators and other goodies. Check the product details and prices here:

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OBP mainly makes pedalboxes and handbrakes. The list got an overhaul, so check out these decently priced brake parts.

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Sachs SRE new listings were updated on monday. Check out the topic of listing updates here if you like =)

»» News Sachs SRE listing

Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Willem