Weekie: Mishimoto radiators -10 %


Lets continue the Mishimoto promo with the Mishimoto performance radiators.

Radiators are not the first thing on our mind in winter, but are definitely a thing worth taking care of before summer comes. A third of the energy of burning fuel is transformed to heat, which means that doubling HP will also double the heat load of an engine.
We also carry electric radiator fans and model-specific radiator hose kits for several models to ease the installation.

»» Mishimoto aluminum radiators.

Precision picks for the colder season are

Red Line Water Wetter and Amsoil Dominator Coolant Boost because they increase heater efficiency for hotter cabin air.
Especially newer cars are tuned for such economy, that heating is sometimes a problem in colder conditions. Red Line and Amsoil additives soften coolant fluid increasin cooling. Having a more efficient cooling effect on the interior heater core directly means hotter air.
Mind the color, these additives are compatible with all colors of coolants.

»» Red Line Water Wetter 12,75 € (regular. 21,20 €), in stock, discontinuing product
»» Amsoil Dominator Coolant Boost 20,00 €, in stock

Shipping prices to Baltic and Nordic countries from 9,90 €
We now ship packages up to 20kg for a flat 9,90 € rate to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Denmark by a regular postal package. Delivery time 2~4 days depending on your location.
Orders over 400,00 € are shipped free of charge.
The prices will shortly be implemented in the webshop, and currently we update the costs to 9,90 € accordingly.

»» More info about shipping & payment with us

Other topics this week

Our stock is quite large ranging from differentials to air filters. Here's a topic about the latter.

»» K&N stock selection

»» KIWI3 Obd2 bluetooth adapter now available

Our selection of exhaust DIY parts is increasing, and there are also some rarer items available.

»» Exhaust DIY parts