News 8.4.2011


ProMoTek power boxes arrived

The Swedish Promotek power modules are available for both gasoline and diesel engines. The water-proof unit comes with plug and play connectors meaning that the installation take 5 minutes at best.

At this time we dont offer installation services, but later on when we get some more experience with the boxes we will investigate the possibility of installing these for you.

Promotek modules in a nutshell
- Plug’n’play connectors.
- No need for additional modifications, allthough we do suggest a new air filter and fresh motor oil.
- A box tailored for every model - no one-size-fits-all mockups!
- 3 year warranty – also covers water damage so you could even install this in the washer fluid tank without voiding warranty.
- 30 day satisfaction guarantee: if you're not satisfied, you can return the box – no questions asked.
- Delivery time less than one week.

We are an official Promotek distributor in Finland. Read more about Promotek from our chiptuning section: Chiptuning