Weekie: K&N products -20%


K&N is the best air filter you can use in your car - in practice, it's eternal, now K&N is also in our weekly offer -20%!

K&N air filter is one of the best modifications on your daily driver, it allow more air to engine - that means more power and lower fuel consumption, because engine doesn't have to work so hard to get the air. K&N filters practically lasts forever, assuming that you clean it occasionally. Simply = when the normal "paper" filter is dirty and ready for a change, K&N only needs a little wash - you can get the K&N Recharger kit separately.

There is also K&N oil filters, which has been a very popular item in race cars - almost every K&n has a nut in top of the oil filter, so it can be easily removed from the engine with wrench.

Check the K&N in our webshop:
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Eibach offer continues

We will continue Eibach -20% offer in christmas special until 23.12.2016. Eibach has wide range of suspension parts, for example lowering sprigs and coilover sets.
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Outlet list updated
Ari did go through our outlet list yesterday, there is now a few new products to buy and its updated. Check the outlet list in our webshop!
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Other news this week

We did a little writing from our motor parts!

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Kenwood has a wide range of high quality players for cars or even for boats.

»» Kenwood players

Mishimoto is much better than original radiator, even in traffic lights!

»» Mishimoto radiators

Have a nice weekend! Race.Fi / Riku