Weekie: All the Eibach products -20%


Weekie: All the Eibach product -20%

We will put every Eibach products -20% in our weekly offer - We will sell every Eibach product in our range with -20% discount!

Eibach is a high quality manufacturer in Germany who has a wide range of car suspension parts. There is coilovers and normal suspension kits available from Eibach, and of course there is only lowering springs available. The most popular Eibach products are Eibach B12 pro-kit, Eibach Pro-kit lowering springs and Eibach Pro-street S coilover kit. Shock absorbers are from Bilstein and springs of course from Eibach.

Eibach also makes lots of wheel spacers, bolts and nuts. Eibach is very reliable choice for your car and it gets always a good customer feedback. Eibach is so reliable and good that even some of the car manufacturers puts Eibach springs in new cars in the factory.

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We will make our wideband range simpler

We will make our Vems wideband range more simpler. We will remove the Vems with 4.2 sensor and 4.9 Vems will replace it. Anyhow we can get the 4.2 replace sensor now and in the future - directly in our own stock.

Vems 4.2 wideband + EGT, 279,00 € (RRP 299,00€)
Vems 4.2 wideband, 229,00 € (RRP 249,00€)

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Other news this week

Amsoil has manufactured oils over 40 year experience!

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Black Diamond and EBC brakes easily through us!

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