December first Weekly: Cusco differentials -10%


Cusco makes one of the best differentials for track use!

Cusco list two main types, MZ and RS diffs. There are also three different ramp angles available, 1 way, 1.5 way and 2 way. Ramp angles means the locking direction of differential and needs to be selected according to usage, for example different track uses.

MZ models are recommended for only the track, because the lock has a small preload even without any torque - so its very loud at the street use. RS models are mainly for track use, but this can also be a compromise for sreetracer, because it does not have so much preloud.

»» Race: Cusco differentials.

Other news this week

We sell PLX and Vems the most!

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We sell Quaife a lot more since we updated the Quaifes for Mercedes few days ago!

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Now we have all D2 air suspension in our webshop!

»» Race: D2 Air suspenion kits/url]


We have lots of different turbos for almost every car!

»» Race: Holset and Garrett turbochargers / Riku
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