Weekie: Castrol or Red Line oils free with all Quaife ATB purchases


Best oil for the best street diff? Deal!

Quaife, Red Line and Castrol are brands that dont really need introductions. A wonderful ATB with quality oil is a definite choice for winter.

Well the black friday then...
1.) 5 % additional discount on all webshop products.
2.) In our shop, all products on wholesale discounts.
3.) All D2 stock kits -100 €: D2 suspension kits
To be clear: Promos can not be combined. The D2 -100€ stock discount on it's own is over 10 % for example.

Other news this week

D2 coilover listings were completely updated according to the factory's 2017 listing.

»» D2 coilover listing updated

Clutch sales have come a long way, and we're constantly relisting products & experimenting new ways to browse products.

»» Clutch listings

Still a few days left on the cibie LED add-on beam promotion.

»» Cibie led add-on light promotion