D2 coilover listing updated according to 2017 list


D2 coilovers were just updated in our shop. Ari's excel was in tough use as he went through the update which resulted in 451 new models being added as the shop is brought up to date with the 2017 listing of d2 coilovers.

The kits are now 100 % mot-passable as Trafi's (The finnish traffic governance) instructions no longer require model-specific tüv certificates. Working in winter and finlands tough conditions, these are kits which definitely offer a good value for money.
Additional information on Finnish MOT and Trafi's instructions Trafi instructions on MOT 10.10.2015.

D2 street kits in short:
- 36-way damping adjustment.
- Height adjustment with lower mount (shock doesnt bottom in in extreme lowerings).
- Spring preload adjustment
- McPherson models have a camber adjustable top mount (if space allows).
- 2-year warranty.

Sport, Rally, Dift and similar products are tailored for competition use. They offer upgrades like inverted struts, external reservoir struts and camber+caster-adjstable topmounts. Additional information on the different kit types are on the product page:
»» D2 coilover kits.