Clutch updates


Clutch updates

After updating the Clutch Masters listing the CM sales have positively rocketed. It seems the update was well placed. The Sachs SRE listing is still in the stone ages with it's pdf listing. It is suprisingly hard to get a simple excel/tabular file which could be used to create a decent listing. We're pretty sure Sachs has one, but the problem is finding the correct person to send it to us from the thousands of people working st ZF-Sachs.

We thought a bit outside the box: We made a simple product filter. By pasting the product code or part of it into a search box, it filters the Sachs SRE product list in real time. Not the ideal way - sorry - but works wonders on the lenghty list of products that Sachs SRE happens to have.

Sachs SRE products are available in 1-3 day from the factory, or in case of 763, 765 and similar hit-products from our own stock. Clutch Masters is available in one to two weeks, or optionally with an express delivery of ~5 days.

If youre having trouble choosing a clutch, just ask our friendly sales to help you out!
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