Weekie: Sachs SRE clutches -10 %


Lets continue the weekies with something great - the entire Sachs SRE clutch lineup - 10 %.

Sachs SRE as in Sachs Race Engineering is the same German quality as OE Sachs parts, but made for competition and tuning purposes. The range covers clutches for almost all European and Asian models in organic and sintered kits.

SRE is a German brand and it shows. They aremong the very few brands that list an actual torque cap in Nm to all of their kits. This info is of course available on our site as well. Most common Sachs SRE products are in our own stock.

All Sachs SRE clutches.
»» Sachs SRE kytkimet

And the top 5 performance clutch covers:
»» Sachs 763, 765, 707, 645 and 785 clutch covers

Other news this week

The Quaife ATB listing was updated. It covers dozend of new models as well as brand new listings for the BMW and Mercedes units which are not available from Quaife.

»» Quaife ATB differentials

Do it once and do it properly is a statement especially suited for engine building. Dont hesitate to ask us for parts kits if you're building an engine in the winter.

»» Engine parts kits