November special: Cibie LED add-on high beams -10 %


We added the Cibie LED add-on high beams today and decided to put them on a November promo straight on!

Cibie LED lights are definitely not the cheapest you can get, but they are the best. Cibie has been making lights for nearly a hundred years. The lights have been sprayed with salt, submerged in water and put in an oven just like a turkey - Cibie lights are made to last the lifetime of your car!

The range offers lighting power all the way up to 1200 lumen and a range of 500 m. Lights are available in 5.6", 7" and 9" diameters and are sold either per piece or as a kit consisting of two lights, a proper harness, fuses and relays.

Reference ratings
5.6" models 12.5
7" models 17.5
9" models 17.5 or 27.5

»» Race: Cibie LED add-on high beams

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Check out Cibie's introduction video
(You might want to turn down volume since music is quite loud)