Clutch Masters listing updated


A fresh Clutch Masters listing has just been update in the shop after a few days of work with a nearly 10000 row excel sheet. In addition to a traditiona batch run, we made sure popular models are as easy to pick as possible.

Clutch Masters, in short CM, is an American clutch brand which covers clutches from organic to multiplates and flywheels for Asian, European and American cars.

FX100 - FX300 -series consist of organic kits which are very streetable. FX100 is basically an oem replacement, and FX300 an uprated organic kit offering almost twice the torque cap of an oem clutch.

FX400 - FX500 -series clutches are sintered single disc kits which offer yet more torque cap.

Higher in the ranks are the 7- and 8-series kits which are twin and triple plate sets accompanied with a flywheel.

CrMo and aluminum flywheels are also available on the lists.

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