Comfy + slammed = possible


Comfort and slammed dont traditionally go hand in hand, but an air suspension makes the equation very much possible. Air suspensions offer a huge drop as well as a comfy ride.

D2 air suspension kits are as bolt-on as an air suspension kit can be. Struts are naturally bolt on, and what's left to do is wire and pipe routing. Air suspension kits are notably comfortable, and height is literally adjusted by a twist of your hand.

The kits are available in four variants; Basic, Deluxe, Super Pro and Gold.

Basic is namely the base model with a manual adjustment panel and all the comfort such a kit can offer.
Deluxe upgrades the kit to a solenoid-controlled dual circuit kit. Front and rear are adjusted separately by solenoid valves, and the pipework is more simple.
Super Pro comes with a 4-wheel independet setup - a 4-circkuit kit. Each wheel has it's own solenoid valve controlling pressure. This means cornering is more stable and adjustments more precise.
Gold series has all the prementioned upgrades, and adds automatic levelling.

Applicable models, more information as well as prices are on our product card in the webshop. These kits are nowdays also very much mot-compatible.

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