Weekie: Adjustable control arms -10 %


We continue the weekies with a -10 % off D2 and Race.Fi adjustable arms.

Where our own selection is aimed towards Japanese & drift cars, the D2 selection focuses on newer European makes. While not officially on promotion, we will also give very good quotes on Eibach, Wisefab and Whiteline arms during the week.

Shipping on orders over 400€ is free of charge to the EU, and smaller packages start from 10 ... 20€. You can order from the webshop, or directly from our sales info@race.fi

»» Race: adjustable control arms

Other news this week

This week we focused on two seasonal products: differentials and clutches.

Our range of clutches covers everything from stock organic kits to triple plate race assemblies. Single mass conversions and flywheels are also readily available.

»» Race.fi: An overview of the clutch range

There are tons of differential makes and types. We carry most brands and types, but there is more to selecting a differential than just the brand.

»» Race.fi: An overview of the limited slip differential range