Weekly special: Eibach Spacers -10 %


Winter wheels are going on in the northern part of Europe, so what would be a better weekie than spacers! With a set of proper Eibach spacers your winter wheels wont look shy, and there's no need to park the car in a concealed corner - at least as far as the ET-police is concerned ;)

Eibach spacers are naturally model-specific and hub centric. Most cars have thicknesses available from 5mm up to 30 - 35mm, and some up to 45mm.

Most kits come with longer bolts and/or nuts, allthough a few types need additional hardware. What comes with each type of spacer is listed on our website. Quality is not the cheapest, but these are products which wont fail or cause steering tremors - these are Eibach spacers.

»» Race: Eibach Spacers

Quaife prices drop
Thanks to a better currency rate, Quaife prices dropped in our shop.

Our pricing goes hand in hand with international prices, and our aim is to offer a good price which can be compared to international prices when shipping costs and taxes are calculated. All our webshop prices include tax, and for orders over 400€ they also include shipping.

We also have a lot of popular lsd models in stock so check them out here: »» Race: Limited slip differentials

Other news this week

wideband o2 gauges are a very common product, and we have lots of stock as well. PLX gauges are priced at 229€ and the Vems (including egt) at 299€. Shipping to EU starts from 10€ depending on your location.

»» Lots of widebands in stock

Have a good weekend! Race.Fi / Willem