Widebands in stock


Now we have our shelves full of widebands again!

The best sellers are PLX and Vems and thats why we stock them always - now we have several dozen units PLX and VEMS in stock. Vems wideband + EGT is very smart choice when you want to check also the exhaust temperature, of course there is an Vems option without EGT. PLX is normally without EGT, but of course you can buy and install it if it's needed - PLX with EGT has been a very smart option for many cars.

In summary we can say that when also the EGT is needed, buy Vems and when its not the main priority, buy PLX or innovate widebands. All these widebands are with Bosch 4.9 LSU sensor of course, which is the best sensor on the market at this moment and of course we still have the 4.2 LSU option available and in our stock.

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