Flywheel information

2011-03-28 13:52:46 by

Lightweight flywheels
In addition to the wide variety of clutches, we also carry a selection of lightweight flywheels. Our main brand at the moment is Clutch Masters, but lightweight flywheels from other brands like Cusco and Fidanza are also available.
The benefit of a lightweight flywheel is the reduced rotating mass. When rotating mass is removed from the drivetrain, the power the engine produces is used to accelerate your car - instead of accelerating a flywheels. A lightweight flywheels thus gives some quicker acceleration and revving.

Dual mass flywheels
Nowdays newer cars have something called a dual mass flywheels. This is a flywheel made of two pieces, which are separated by springs - just like the sprung clutch discs are. The springs absorb vibration and eliminate some drivetrain noise. The bad news is, that springs can brake or be too soft if you have increased the engine power. When the springs go bad, or you have more power than the springs can handle, you can hear rattling and clanking.
The cure to this is a lightweight flywheel which you can use to replace the dual mass flywheel on your car. Lightweight flywheels are made of one piece, and dont have those nasty little springs or any other extra moving parts - when there are no moving parts, there are no parts which can break.

A few Fidanza stocks in clearance
All though Fidanza items and their spares are still available on order, we dont intend to stock them due to major delivery problems in the past.We still have a few items in stock at pretty low prices, check them out here: Fidanza