Weekie: Davies Craig water pumps -10%


Davies Craig electric waterpump is brilliant choice when you want to make sure that your cooling works for sure.

There are Davies Craig waterpumps in sizes 15-150l/min, smallest pumps are made of nylon and biggest are with strong alloy frame. You can buy the water pump kit which contains also digital controller, which will change the blower and pump speed when needed. Of course there is only a water pump available, if the controller is already acquired.

Davies Craig water pumps has been used in motorcycles and even in some lawn mowers, actually it goes everywhere which has a water cooling!
There are also available Mishimoto coolers and Red Line Water Wetter, which can low the water temperature even 18c degrees.

Check the cooling in our webshop:
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Quaife differential prices drop!
Thanks for the pound exchange rate, Quaife differentials are more cheaper now - check Quaife differential for your car from our webshop.
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Other news this week

You can find the Powerflex bushes in our webshop, with diagrams!

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We listed a Garrett turbos in our webshop few days ago!

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Have a nice weekend! Race.Fi / Riku