Weekly: Mishimoto radiators -10 %


Lets continue the Mishimoto weekies, as this week the Mishi aluminum radiators are on a 10 % discount.

Bolt-on cooling upgrades at their best. Mishimoto rads fit perfectly in original mounts and are shipped with an uprated cap as well. These radiators are a little thicker than stock, so in tight places a cowl or pipes might need a little adjustment, but nothing that drastic which couldnt be cured easily.

Great quality, great prices. That is what Mishimoto is about.

»» Race: Mishimoto radiators

Other news this week

We have a pretty good stock of Stri gauges. We dont just sell them, we sell them and take care of you - we have all spare sensors and spares in stock in case you might need one in the future.

»» Race: Stri gauges

Differential service kits have been on the table for a while, and we're glad to let you know we also take care of aftermarket support for these to-start-with aftermarket parts.

»» Race: Limited slip differentials and service kits

Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Ari

Did you know: Two overhed camshafts (per head) is the most production engines have seen, but a company named MotoCzysz made a Tri-Cam head where a center intake cam actuated intake ports on top, and two exhaust cams took care of exhaust valves on both sides of the head. This engine was longditudionally mounted on a motorcycle. Twincam? So last season. Think of a Tri-Cam inline six and it's sounds...