Spring care packages


Spring care
The spring is a good time to a small servicing to a the familys regular cars too. Changing the filters, oils and other parts like spark plugs.

We offer a 10 % discount on all spring care packages during March and April 2011

A spring care package consists of:
* Oil, either redline or some other brand of your choosing
* Air, gasoline and oil filters
* A set of spark plugs

Additional Spare parts also receive the discount if ordered in the same package as the above listed items. You can also include items for several cars on the same package.

During the service, you can also use an engine flush before changing the oil, and put a bottle of injector cleaner in the tank. This gives you a nice touch and could save you a few dl on gasoline in future.

Ask for your quote by email or our contact form. Please include as much information about your car as possible so we can find the correct parts.