Limited slip differentials and their service kits


All our limited slip differential brands have launced a lot of new models, and as sales have been running pretty hot we have also taken a look at service kit & spare part availabilities. Especially with professional drivers there is no time to wait when a part needs service. We made sure we can provide service kits quickly & know what you need.

In daily driven cars a plate type differential will easily go 10 years without the need for service, but in competition uses the requirements for consistent and unchanged grip from race to race are often higher.

A limited slip differential service kit basically includes friction plates and at least Cusco, Kaaz and Gripper have each individual part available as well (in case you would for some reason get them broke). Quaife doesnt offer a service kit, but as a torsen it basically doesnt need one unless someone forgets to take care there is oil in the diff.

While being under service, a diff can also be tuned by adjusting preload (shims), or changing the order and amount of discs (more discs = more stop torque). The third tunable area is the oil which will have a pretty big effect on how a diff works. A torsen benefits from having less slippery oil, and a plate type is usually tuned with 2.5 to 5% of limited slip additive which makes it grip less. An additive is usually found in all LSD oils, but also sold separately by Red Line Limited Slip Additive for example. With Red line oils, the basic 75w90 includes 2.5% of the additive, and 75w90NS as in non-slip doesnt have the additive. The same logic goes for Red Line 75w140 and other oil brands with variable labelling.

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