Weekie: Mishimoto intercoolers - 10 %


Otsikko: Weekie: Mishimoto intercoolers - 10 %

Tried & tested: get a bigger intercooler! One of the more traditional and foolproof ways to gain prower is now on our weekly.

Mishimoto intercoolers come in the basic 600x300 core size as 80 or 100mm thick, but are also available in different other sizes for low & wide or high & narrow fitments.

We also carry some nice Mishimoto t-bolt clamps and silicone connectors to get that intercooler mounted.

Allthough "what colour" is usually a joke in the car business, this is a place where colour actually has a meaning performance wise. In addition to silver, Mishimoto coolers are available as black which dissipates heat more efficiently, and gold which - well - looks awesome =)

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Summer meet finale today!
Today is the summer season finale event at our warehouse. Take a look at some shots from the previous meets which were just added to our website.

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Other news this week

Performance camshafts come in many flavours from mild street sticks to some serious no-idle racing grinds. Check out the brands we carry over here.

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We also stock some nice parts for the interior of the car. Sparco seats, luisi hubs & steering wheels as well as more.

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Have a good weekend!