Racing accessories


Racing accessories

We got wide range of racing accessories for every use from seats to steering wheels!

Sparco seats
Sparco has wide range of seats, for example we got Sparco Sprint V seat in stock.
Seats are FIA-approved and with tube frame.
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Seatrails and attachment parts
There are lots of seatrails and attachment parts by Sabelt and Sparco, most of them directly from our stock. With these parts you will install seats without worries.
Seatrails and attachment parts are universal, so you can mount them almost every car.
»» Race: Seatrails and attachment parts

Steering wheels
There are many steering wheels from Luisi and you can mount them easily with Luisi steering wheel adapter. There is also lots of material options from leather to wood wheels,
»» Race: Steering wheels

Quick release hubs
Fresh newcomer to our catalog is quick release hub. These are very useful product to racing, for example you can remove your steering wheel when needed.
Adapter is strong but light metal alloy. Adapter is with 6x70 and 6x74 double pcd. Thanks to a dual pcd, it fits most aftermarket wheels like Luisi, Sparco etc.
»» Race: Quick release hubs

Steering wheel adapters
Also new product in our catalog is Luisi model specific wheel hubs for aftermarket steering wheels. There is lots of adapters for cars like for example Volvo, Opel, Volkswagen and Nissan.
»» Race: Steering wheel adapters

Seat belts
We also sell seat belts and the brand is Schroth.
Seat belts are universals and can be mounted almost every race car. Most popular models are Autocontrol 2 and 3.
»» Race: Seat belts