Lots of new adjustable control arms


This week we took a dive into the world of adjustable control arms. In addition to having lots of our own Race.Fi adjustable arms in stock, we have now about doubled our range adding D2 adjustable arms to the webshop.

D2's control arm range focuses on rear camber arms and adds a ton of models which were earlier simply unavailable. The focus is on European makes and newer cars, whereas our own lineup focuses on traditional "race" models.

The lineup is very welcome, and spot on as rear camber is often the first thing which needs adjustment on lowered cars. Most cars have very limited or no adjustability at all from the factory.

Pillowballs used are quality products which are also found on the D2 topmounts. Our ongoing test in our own car clocks the joints to 10 years and still going strong without any signs of wear. All D2 and Race.Fi arms come with dust boots to give a little extra protection.

Check these out here:
»» Race.Fi adjustable arms
»» D2 adjustable camber arms