Weekie: Rvs products - 10 %


We have quite a hefty stock of RVS products, so we decided to put them on a weekly as well.

RVS is a proven and tested way to restore an old transmission or engine close to it's original specs. Rvs is made and designed in Finland, and has been on the market for around 20 years. It works by forming a cheramic compund in places where friction is present. The formed compund is harderd than steel. Real benefits are easier shifting, less noises and better compression on engines. We wouldnt recommend it for a newly built race engine, but for daily drivers and other cars where an engine overhaul is not an option, this is a great product which gets consistent good feedback from customers.

Read more about RVS products on our website:

»» Race: RVS treatments.

Other enws this week

There is more to a suspension than shocks and springs. Check this out to get the most of your suspension.

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Not only is exhaust noise available from us - we also have some car hifi products =)

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