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Suspension sales are peaking at record leves for springs and dampers, so we decided this is a good time to write a few words about what else the suspension is about.

In addition to springs and dampers, the control arms, their mountings and tires basically effect how the car handles. Lets concentrate on the first two: bushes and control arms which are responsible for setting and maintaining wheel alignment.

Adjustable control arms
These offer more adjustablility than stock and are as strong or stronger than the original arms.

Available as our own brand, Race.Fi, which we order from different factories makin several branded arms as well. Cusco, Whiteline and Eibcah are also available. Most arms have standard measured uniballs, which means that when the time comes, spare parts are available instead of having to buy a new control arm. Our arms also have rubber dust boots to add some life to the pillowball joits.

When extreme setups are considered, we also offer Wisefab kits. They are a bit different from traditional adjustable arms, as Wisefab kits offer a completely new suspension geometry especially suited for drifting. They also allow adjustment to remove ackerman angles which drastically improves handling in drifting.
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Polybushings and camber bolts
Powerflex and Energy suspensions are our two main brands in poly bushes. To complement this range, we have different sizes of eccentric bolts readily in stock. Replacing worn rubber bushings with polyurethane versions make a day-and-night difference in handling.

A polyurethane bushing is a bit harder than rubber, and glides around the steel metal bush. In every-day use the the difference is easily spotted when driving on a curvy road: with rubber bushings nothing happens when the steering wheel is turned a few degrees as the rubber bushes first flex before the car starts to turn. With urethane bushes there is less flex, and you will notice a more responsive steering. The same effect applies to wheel alignment and chassis movement - poly bushes keep the alignment closer to what is was set to and account for a huge difference in how the car handles.

To complement bushing, we also have these handy little things called camber bolts. They allow an increase in adjustment of around +-1.5 degrees when replacing a regular control arm bolt. They are definitely an easy, foolproof and cost-effective way to get some additional adjustment on lowered cars.
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There are a lot of other parts in the suspension category as well, so go take a look at what we have in here:
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