A different kind of noise


If a loud exhaust is not really the thing your're after, this is probably a good time to recall we also have a different type of noise available - more precisely Hifi products.

Allthought we are usually known, as race.fi, to sell race parts, we also sell some Hifi products to spice up the daily drivers. For example, we carry a the Kenwood BT34 and BT34U players. The U-model has a CD-tray, and the non-U doesnt. Both support bluetooth and usb connectivity. As handy as they come, both models have USB and Aux inputs in the front face to ease up the wireing mess for a neat center console. The U model retails at 149€, and the non-u at 119€.

In addition to players, we also have lots of other Hifi hardware from speakers to installation frames and fues blocks. Some in the webshop, but some smaller items are available from only our sales

Check the products out here:
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