Weekly: Widebands -10€


Widebands on weekly

Now we put widebands on our weekly offer -10€!

Our warehouse shelfs are full of widebands, so we decied to put these in our weekly offer. We will sell the widebands even more cheaper and of course with fast shipping direct from our stock.

More PLX gauges did arrived few days ago and because these are very popular ones - we already ordered more of them - thats beacause there is still space in our shelfs ;) There is also very much other gauges in our stock - for every use and every car!

»» Race: Gauges.

Other news this week

With electric waterpump your car stays cooled ;)

»» Race: Cooling

We have lots of gauges for every use!

»» Race: Gauges

Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Riku