D2 factory moves


D2 will move their factory to a new bigger premesis. This will cause a break in deliveries in April. The delivery time for orders made after 23.3.2011 is thus about 5 weeks as the factory will restart it's deliveries in May.
The price for orders after 23.3.2011 will be 799€ due to some savings we get when the orders of five weeks are put on one shipment.

Until 22.3.2011 all orders will have a regular price and a regular ~1 to 2 week delivery time.

22.3.2011 at 16pm: The last regularily -priced orders are accepted.
23.3.2011: The last regularily priced orders are processed in the factory.
23.3.2011: 799€ price for coilovers.
23.3.2011: The factory closes the brake mfg lines and deliveries.
28.3.2011: The factory closes coilover mfg lines and deliveries.
30.4.2011: Return to a normal shedual, thus the 849€ pricetag is put back.
30.4.2011: All lower price orders are processing at the factory.