NGK and Brisk performance spare plugs


NGK and Brisk performance spark plugs

There are lots of performance spark plugs in our range, for any engine. Our main brands are NGK and Brisk.

NGK and Brisk produce multi tip-, iridium- and special DS turbo -spark plugs for turbo engines. The DS is a twin tip silver spark plug and which performs excellently at high boost pressures or with etanol.

Both brands offer wide range of performance and normal spark plugs for many cars and even for lawn mowers ;)
Our webshop covers the most popular spark plug models. But of course we can get any spark plugs from these brands.

NGK has grown lots in popularity and we decided take a decent amount of them in our stock, a specially 6 to 9 ranges spark plugs :)

Check our spark plug selection in our webshop:
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