Weekly: D2 big brake kits - 100 €


We completely renewed the D2 big brake kit pricing - to your favor ofcourse, so what would be a better promo than to discount a flat hundred from them as well.

These kits include discs from 286 to a whopping 444mm, and calipers with 2 to 12 pots. The most popular kits are inarguably the 330mm and 356mm sport kits which are perfect for a great brake upgrade for competition cars.

»» Race: D2 big brake kits.

Other news this week

A locking differential offers twice the grip, and three times more fun!

»» Race: Locking differentials

We also carry some very interesting hydraulic handbrakes and pedal boxes from OBP.

»» Race: OBP hydraulic handbrakes and pedalboxes

Have a good weekend! Race.Fi / Wille