Would you like some differentials


We carry Finlands widest selection of differentials - Quaife, Kaaz, Gripper, Tran-X and the world-famous Cusco.

For street use we will gladly offer Quaife ATB differentials, and with some reservation Cusco type-RS units.

Quaife performs as a gentleman in all situations. Being a geared torsen unit it is completely silent and works seamlessly with traction control systems.

The Cusco type-RS has a milder preload than the MZ version, and with some reservations is also usable on the streets, especially in those "street racers". The cusco Type-RS is a full-fledged Japanese high performance part - quality and performance -wise.
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For racing uses we have several plate-type differential brands. Kaaz is a lower-priced Japanese competition differential, whereas Gripper and Tran-X are British units which can be ordered with customized preloads and ramp angles depending on use.

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Plate-type vs. torsen
If you're not familiar with the different types of differentials, we wrote a quick guide about the different types available on the market:

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