Clutches for all applications


We at Race carry clutches like Sachs SRE, Xtreme Clutch, Clutch Masters and many oem brands at pretty prices.

Where Xtreme and Clutch Masters are aimed towards high-power builds in mainly Japanese cars, the Sachs SRE lineup is usually the choice for European race- and street-cars.

All brands also offer flywheels and dual mass conversion kits. For mild-powered cars we carry some oem-quality dual mass conversion kits starting from around 450 €.

The reason we are writing about cluches today is that we did some changes and can now offer ~2-3 day express deliveries for all the clutch brands we sell. This has been pretty welcome to everyone especially now that the racing season is on full boost. In addition to quick deliveries, we also have a pretty good own stock of clutches.

Check out the clutch line-up here:
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