Weekly special: Free oil with Quaife ATB units


Our last tunermeet

Last tuesday we held our first tuner meet this year, and we got people all the way from Lahti and Helsinki. The evening was very pleasant and we had some great machines from all three automaker-continents.

Our photographer Jarski took some nice images which can be found on our website in the link below. The next meet will be held on tuesday 14.6. We'll go with the same concept - we give out the drinks and snacks & everyone is welcome. These are not really commercial events - we will naturally sell if you want, but the point is to get to know people and take a look at the variety of cars arriving to the meet.

For the next evet we will however make some bigger tables and perhaps some small suprises ;)

»» Tuner meet 14.6.2016

Weekly special: Free oils for Quaife ATB units

Quaife is a great product which is already very reasonably priced, but lets renew our January special with free oil for all Quaife ATB units.

Offer valid 3. - 10.6.2016. Please specify your car model so we can check the oils. Oil brands are Red Line and Castrol, but be aware that Red Line is going pretty low on stocks at the moment.

»» Race: Quaife differentials.

Other news this week

HKS turbotimers are now available.

»» Race: HKS turbotimerit

Our clearance list was just updated.

»» Race: Clearance list updated