PLX and Vems gauges on weekly


We got big shipments of both gauges, so lets put them on a weekly =)

The Vems combines AFR and EGT gauges into one display

» AFR and EGT are shown at the same time.
» Includes a 6mm heavy-duty EGT sensor.
» Available with Bosch 4.2 or 4.9 LSU sensors.
» A traditional button-interface always works.
» Programmable and can output narrowband for the ECU.

»» Race: Vems wideband afr gauge.

PLX DM6 + SM-AFR combo

» A reliable and popular package with touch-screen.
» A fast Bosch 4.9 sensor.
» Soft Start prolongs sensor life.
» Modular: Connectable with other PLX iMFD series products.
» Only 18mm deep.

»» Race: PLX DM-6 + SM-AFR kit.

In addition to these, we also offer a lot of other gauges, and ofcourse all sensors and spares as well.

Other news this week

Tons - literally - of suspensions in stock!

»» Race: Lots of suspension kits in stock!

Electric water pumps have broken their sales records over and over again.

»» Race: new Davies Craig pumps

Have a good weekend! Race.Fi / Willem