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Lots and lots of coilovers =)

2016-05-11 17:12:43 by

Suspension sales have broken each and every record this year - and our stocks have also grown a lot and again a lot.

D2 coilovers will nowdays pass inspection without hassles, as all documents needed for inspection are provided with the kits. There is no longer need to check for cheapo eBay tub kits or over-priced tuv approved kits as far as vehicle inspection is considered.

D2 coilovers are a smart choice - here are some points to consider:
- We offer 2-year warranty covering normal use.
- Even basic street versions have an djustable top mount on McPherson models.
- We have lots of our own stock.
- Rally, street and track all have their own kits - no one-size-for-all.
- Comfort warranty allows you to change springs after testing how it drives.

Coilovers are the obvious choice when you want to track or slam the car, or adjust the height precisely where you want it. A hevily lightened or (hifi)swollen car also benefits from coilovers, as most basic kits are designed for the original weights.

Just now we got some kits into stock for the following chassies.
Audi A4 B5
Audi S4 B5
Audi A4 B6
Audi A4 B7
BMW 3srj E30
BMW 3srj E36
BMW 3srj E46
BMW 3srj E90
BMW 5srj E34
Mercedes C srj. W203
Mercedes E srj. W212
Mitsubishi Eclipse
Nissan Sunny/Pulsar N14
Nissan 200sx S13
Nissan 200sx S14/15
Nissan Skyline R32 RB20DET
Nissan Skyline R33 RB25DET
VW Golf mk1
VW Golf MK5
VW Passat B5
Subaru Impreza GC/GF
Lexus SC300 / Soarer
Toyota Supra MK4
Toyota Corolla E14/15 "full coilover" rear
Volvo S/V40 95-04

And here are some model-specific listings
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»» Race: Nissan D2 coilovers
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»» Race: Subaru D2 coilovers
»» Race: Toyota D2 coilovers

»» Race: Lexus D2 coilovers
»» Race: Mercedes D2 coilovers
»» Race: BMW D2 coilovers
»» Race: Volvo D2 coilovers

Allthough coilovers are a superior choice for most cars, they're not the best choice for all. If you're working on mothers daily driver, you are better off getting some lowering springs and fixed-height kits for her.