D2 launches a new spring top perch


D2 coiloves with a new spring top perch

Pictured: The D2's new spring top perch

A new improvement for coilovers is a spring top perch which now has a bearing. The perch with a bearing is used on the coilovers which are on the steering axle, so that the topmount allows for spring rotation - just like the OEM suspension's bearing.

Compares to a traditional solid spring top perch
Especially on very low spring preload combined with a high quality uniball in the topmount, the spring sometimes starts to slide on the spring perches. This can cause some rubbing noise, or sometimes a clunking noise which comes from the spring slipping in steps when turning the steering wheel.
The top perch with a bearing eliminates this, as it is especially meant to allow the spring to rotate freely.

Pictured: The actual spring top perch

Delivery information
When applicable, all suspensions are now shipped with the new top perch when applicable.

Additional pictures
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