Weekly special: Mishimoto radiators -10 %


Weekly special: Mishimoto radiators -10 %

Today is one of the first really warm spring days, and what would be a better product to put on special than radiators!

An uprated radiators is a smart choice because it is a fact that one third of the energy from fuel burning in an engine turns into heat. Thus doubling the horses also doubles heat loads. Combine this with some track driving, and an original radiator will be crying when trying to dissipate all the heat generated.

Mishimoto radiators are a smart choice as they are decently priced and also offer very good quality. They are thicker than original radiators, and some models also have an extra heavy duty version available.

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Muuta tämän viikon asiaa

A small step for us, but a huge leap for our customers. We now also sell tires!

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The season is here, and if something breaks, it's needed quickly. We took this seriously and stocked up for the upcoming season.

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Happy mayday! Race.Fi / Willem