Weekly special: STRI Gauges - 10 %


Now that things are more or less tuned and driven on the streets, how about making sure they stay tuned as intended?

STRI gauges are on the weekly special this week. Just a month ago we released a new pricing for these, and now that they are on sale with 10 % off they should be very competitively priced!

There are some analog X-line gauges in stock, but they are no longer available apart from what remains in stock. The DSD series gauges are digital units with a stepper motor, and for example the boost gauges have their own map sensor. The gauges are available in 52 and 60 mm diamaters, and with both clear and smoke lenses.
These are truly good gauges, we use them our selves as well =)

»» Race: STRI gauges

Other things this week

Lots of wheel nuts in stock =)

»» Race: Titan wheel nuts

Turbosmart is a proven quality product, and we stock quite some of it.

»» Race: Turbosmart products