Weekly: Powerflex bushes - 10 %


This weeks special is about Powerflex bushings. Probably the best bushings in the world!

All Powerflex bushes are available on a 10 % discount 15. - 22.4.2016. Polybushes are the final touch to any suspension be it coilovers, air or lowering springs. Replacing worn rubber bushes with firm poly versions makes a drastic difference in how the car feels and drives, while still retaining most of the original comfort.

»» Race: Powerflex bushes

Other things this week

In addition to camber bushes, powerflex also makes a camber gauge which is now available from stock.

»» Race: Powerflex camber gauge

Mishimoto also makes a lot of silicone products in addition to it's wide range of radiators and intercoolers. Check them out here.

»» Race: Mishimoto pipework parts

Have a good weekend! Race.Fi / Willem