News 4.3.2011


New product images in the Gallery
During the week we took some new quality photos of our products.

Black Diamond brake pads

One of the all-time top selling item

All the images can be found in our gallery, Race.Fi Gallery

Spare parts
We are starting to get daily shipments of spare parts. Last week we took a bunch of small items like belts, gaskets etc. into stock. We offer both traditional spare parts and perrformance parts with competitive prices and shipping charges.
Here is a small peek into the top selling spare parts which are listed into the webshop Race.Fi, spare parts on the internet

Vems restock
The Vems wideband and egt gauge, with a price tag of 299€, will get a resupply order on monday. If you want to know more about what your cars engine eats, this is the gauge to monitor both air-fulel ratio and echaust gas temperature in one 52mm package.

Pictured: Vems widedband package, wires and sensors are all included

Vems wideband in our webshop.

Phones repaired
Last week we had some problems on our landlines which caused calls to end prematurely at 2 minutes. The problem is now fixed, and like my anticipation the problem was in a router facility 40km to the south in Helsinki.

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