Weekly special: RVS treatments -10 %


RVS engine and transmission treatment got their weekly special because this has proven to be an excellent product as well!

Our Eibach promo goes on, as it's not a weekly, it's a "springly", hehe.

RVS is not just any motorup, it is a tüv-tested and proven in real cars. It works by forming a tribocheramic coat in places where friction is present, and that way it can restore a worn (not broken) engine back to original specs. In transmissions it reduces noises and makes shifting easier due to better syncro work. We actually put this in our cars as well, and are pretty darn happy with it!

»» Race: RVS treatments

This weeks other news

Our Aeroflow pump range grew with a few bigger in-tank fuel pumps.

»» New aeroflow fuel pumps

Spring stands for suspension. Spring didnt come by suprise - we have tons of quality suspension in stock!

»» Full stocks for quality suspension

Have a good one everyone! Race.Fi / Willem