Shelves full of quality suspension


Some have products in their ads, we have it in stock as well.

D2 coilovers are the sensible choice when you need an adjustable kit with a decent price.

» Our website has images of the actual product for the popular kits.
» The kits have a comfort guarantee - you can switch springs after testing.
» Problem-free inspection in Finland. All D2 kits pass vehicle inspection without problems.
» As you can see, we actually have these in stock as well.
» 2 year warranty.
» McPherson struts have an adjustable topmount starting from street kits.
» Height adjustment doesnt effect damper position and wont cause bottoming.
» D2 kits can handle winter and rough rides. Read our test here.

There were a few reasons to choose D2 coils. The most important is however that they constantly receive good feedback from customers.

The prices start from 799,00 €, naturally including taxes and shipping by UPS. If the price is high, we also have payment plans.

»» Race: D2 coilover kits
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