New Aeroflow pumps in stock


Our Aeroflow stock range has a newcomer - a 340 lph in-tank pump.

Especially for the E85 guys - and girls as well - this pump is rated at 340 l/h at 40 psi pressure. It is tested with ethanol and methanol so it is suited for some pretty strong fluids.

This pump is sold as a kit including a filter, a connector, some rubber mounts and endcamps as well as some hose which is enough to mount it on most stock racks.

The price is 179 €, and it also includes shipping to Finland. Orders over 400 € are shipped free of charge in Europe.

»» Race: Aeroflow in-tank E85 pumps

This is not our only pump. We have internal and external models, and also other brands. Naturally we have dozens of pumps in stock.

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A more budgeted option for gasoline only is the proven Walbro 255 model. They a shortcut to them is here below. They are also available without an install kit for those wanting to save a few bucks and figuring out the rest them selves.

»» Race: Walbro 255 fuel pumps